2020: The COVID Chase

In the year 2020, COVID chased us out of our work places and out of our fun places.

So we dutifully covered our faces to cover all the bases, washed our hands to meet all the demands,  and kept our distance to continue our existence.

But wait...we did NOT socially distance from the insects. 

The bees buzzed, the butterflies fluttered, and the praying mantids did what they do best--ambush their prey (much to some folks' dismay).

But let us not stray....

They say that Santa Claus this year looks like...um...The Grinch. 

Does Santa look like The Grinch? Maybe, in a pinch.  But on Christmas Eve we always scan the horizon for that familiar sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer--and led by No. 9, a beaming reindeer with a red nose.  (But they've never been willing to pose.)

COVID may have chased us out of our work places and out of our fun places, but don't let The Grinch steal Christmas. It's not his to steal. Let us heal.

Merry Christmas! And stay safe!