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The UCCE Master Gardeners of Sutter-Yuba Counties welcome you!

Who are we?

UCCE Master Gardeners are trained representatives of the University of California Cooperative Extension. We assist the gardening community of Sutter and Yuba Counties by providing research-based home gardening information.

Cooperative Extension of Sutter-Yuba Counties
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Phone: (530) 822-7515

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Our office hours are Tuesday, 9:00 am to noon and Thursday, 1:00 to 4:00 pm at the Cooperative Extension office. See us Saturdays at the Yuba City Farmers' Market, Plumas Center Fountain, from 8:00 am to noon from May through October, 2017.

Ask us! We are here to help if you have gardening questions, want to identify a plant or animal, or just want to know more about us. Click How to Submit a Sample to learn how to package a plant or animal for identification.


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Hot August Mites! Mites are common pests in landscapes and gardens that feed on many fruit trees, vines, berries, vegetables, and ornamental plants. Webspinning spider mites include the Pacific spider mite, twospotted spider mite, strawberry spider mite, and several other species. Mites cause damage by sucking cell contents from leaves. A small number of mites usually isn’t reason for concern, but very high populations—levels high enough to show visible damage to leaves—can damage plants, especially herbaceous ones. At first, the damage shows up as a stippling of light dots on the leaves; sometimes the leaves take on a bronze color. As feeding continues, the leaves turn yellowish or reddish and drop off. Often, large amounts of webbing cover leaves, twigs, and fruit. Damage is usually worse when compounded by water stress. Management Spider mites have many natural enemies that often limit populations. Adequate irrigation is important, because water-stressed plants are most likely to be damaged. Broad-spectrum insecticide treatments for other pests frequently cause mite outbreaks, so avoid these pesticides when possible. Sprays of water, insecticidal oils, or soaps can be used for management.

Posted 7 hours ago
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Friendly reminder that the Sutter Yuba Master Gardeners will be at the Yuba City Farmers Market tomorrow from 8 am to noon to answer your questions and to assist in plant identification.

Posted 3 days ago
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Sanitation is the best Cultural Practice- Fall is a good time to launch your preventative management program in the home orchard and garden. Garden sanitation aims to remove the source of future infestations. Common fungus diseases like peach leaf curl, brown rot, apple scab, will reappear the next season because the fungus spores survive over winter in dead leaves, rotting or mummified fruit. Some insects also over winter in the soil and in plant debris left behind. Grab a rake. Prevention is the best remedy when it comes to dealing with most plant pest.

Posted 4 days ago
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If you don't have enough of your own home grown peaches to can head on down to your local growers like Stephens Farmhouse or your favorite fruitstand.

Posted 13 days ago
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