2018 Small Grains Field Day Recap & Virtual Tour

May 24, 2018

2018 Small Grains Field Day Recap & Virtual Tour

May 24, 2018

2018 Davis Field Day 1

Thanks to everyone who participated in our field day held in Davis last week! We appreciate the support of this event by the California Crop Improvement Association and the California Wheat Commission, as well as our colleagues within the UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences and UC Cooperative Extension.

2018 Davis Field Day 2

Handouts from last week's event in Davis are available at the below links, with the associated speaker indicated in parenthesis. A copy of the day's agenda can be found here:

Interactive Webtool for Small Grain Selection (Mark Lundy)

2017-2018 Seasonal Overview (Mark Lundy)

Malting Barley Nitrogen Trials (Taylor Nelsen)

Deterring Rodent Damage to SDI Systems (Konrad Mathesius)

Herbicide Management Demonstration Trial (Mariano Galla)

UC Wheat Varieties 2018-2019 (Jorge Dubcovsky)

UC Davis Common Wheat Breeding (Oswaldo Chicaiza)

Registration of UC Tahoe Barley (Alicia del Blanco)

In addition, we produced an overview of the various variety testing experiments on display at the field day in the videos below to serve as a virtual field tour.

2018 Field Day Map 5 15 18

Trial Overview (video)

Common Wheat and Triticale (video)

Durum Wheat (video)

If you were sorry to miss the real thing, consider joining us for the Small Grains and Soil Health Field Meeting that will be hosted by UCCE Advisors Michelle Leinfelder-Miles and Brenna Aegerter on June 5th on Staten Island in the San Joaquin County Delta.

2018 Davis Field Day 3

Finally, be sure to check out the interactive variety selection webtools mentioned at the field day. Here are links to the tool for choosing small grain varieties based on multi-year UC trial data:


as well as the tool for exploring the site-year specific data in a more customized manner:


You can also navigate to these tools as well as tabular data at:



By Mark Lundy
Author - Assistant CE Specialist
By Taylor Nelsen