2019-20 UC Small Grain Variety Testing Results

Oct 1, 2020

2019-20 UC Small Grain Variety Testing Results

Oct 1, 2020

Results for the 2019-2020 fall planted UC Small Grain Variety Trials are now available at:


Results can be viewed within an interactive environment that summarizes small grain varieties by crop type across multiple locations and season:


as well as an interactive environments that enables the exploration of data by individual site year:


All results can also be viewed and downloaded as static tables and figures, with additional information about site characteristics and crop management here:


We appreciate the tremendous contributions from collaborators who made this year's trial possible!

2020 Trial


By Taylor Nelsen
By Mark Lundy
Author - Assistant CE Specialist
By Rafael (Merf) Solorio
Contributor - Principal Superintendent of Agriculture (Center Supt.);
By Ethan McCullough
By Taylor Becker