The Gift of Giving

Nov 20, 2020

Discovering your passion. Taking responsibility. Being part of a team. A special bond with an adult who cares. Learning about yourself. Knowing you're really good at something. Showing at Fair and making forever friends. The first time sleeping under the stars. 4-H is all these things. Those of us who care about this program usually have a defining relationship or experience within 4-H that we treasure.

Among the many life-changing things our organization does, 4-H instills the value of helping others. By sharing their animals with school kids or at nursing homes, serving as a camp counselor for younger campers, or adopting a family during the holidays, 4-H youth learn the importance of generosity. Their experiences in caring for others is self-reinforcing as they find their own lives enriched. Indeed, they learn there is a gift in giving.

Soon many of you will receive an invitation from the California 4-H Foundation to support the program we love. It comes this time of year—with so many other requests for your generosity—and we hope you'll consider a gift to our local 4-H program. For so many of us, 4-H has been a conduit to growth, friendship, and service that truly makes a difference in our lives and the lives of others.

Should you choose to support Sacramento County 4-H with a financial contribution, every penny given through the California 4-H Foundation will come directly back to us. Simply write in Sacramento County as where you'd like your gift designated.

Should you choose to give online on Giving Tuesday (December 1), the California 4-H Foundation will match your gift. If you give $100, Sacramento 4-H receives $200! But you'll need to stay up late on Monday to be an early-giver Tuesday morning at the Foundation matches the first $25,000 in gifts.

Your generosity supports youth attending leadership conferences, provides assistance for families needing help with enrollment fees, even pays for the copy machine our volunteers use in the office. Your gift is especially important this year as COVID-19 means more families face economic hardships and our public funding will undoubtedly be reduced.

4-H volunteers understand the gift of giving. I see evidence of that daily. It's what motivates us to power through with program during a time when face-to-face gatherings are limited. It's what inspires us to find ways to connect with kids when they need connection the most. And it comes back to us in the satisfaction of seeing the children we guide explore their world, master tasks, grow in confidence, and form unique friendships with their peers and with us.

Thank you for believing in 4-H. You give a lot to the program you love. I hope you will join with me to give just a bit more this year-end.

I value each of you and the gift you are to our program.