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County Presentation Day

2019 County 4-H Presentation Day Results

Those of you who received a Gold seal are eligible to complete at Area Presentation Day. Area Presentation Day will be held in Los Molinos at Lassen View Elementary School on Saturday, May 11th. 

Public Speaking

Public Speaking skills are ranked number one among the desired skill sets of professionals.

2016 Presentation Day 169
Every 4-H member is encouraged to give a presentation each year.

4-H members practice by giving talks to projects groups and at community club meetings, sharing information about the skills they learned in a project, and observing other people giving presentations.



4-H Presentations help youth develop life skills.

To prepare for a 4-H Presentation, youth learn how to:

  • Research a subject
  • Organize ideas in a logical order
  • Share knowledge with others
  • Create and use graphics to support their presentation

When youth teach project skills in a presentation format, it demonstrates advanced skills and a deeper understanding of what was learned.





Types of Presentations

Presentation Clip Art
There are many different types of presentations, ranging from demonstrations to audio-visual to problem solving. Various presentation styles require similar skills, but are designed to meet the interests and age-appropriate levels of the member.

Demonstrations Impromptu Speech
Illustrated Talk Interpretive Reading
Educational Display Talk Share the 4-H Fun Skits
Persuasive Prepared Speech Cultural Arts
Informative Prepared Speech Science or Engineering Presentation. 

These are the examples of different types of presentations. 


Any questions, please contact 4-H Office at 530.822.7515.

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