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Fashion Revue

Fashion Revue Planning Meeting

Tuesday, January 17th - 6:00 pm @ 4-H Office
Anyone interested is invited to attend!!

2017 Fashion Revue

More details coming soon

State Fashion Revue information:


County Challenge

Ironing Contest - Wrinkles, folds and creases - This year at Fashion Revue we will have an Ironing Challenge. The member who does the best job ironing will win their own Iron. Ironing is a fairly straightforward process, although it can be somewhat tricky if you've never done it before. This challenge is to help members learn about ironing techniques. You iron shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts slightly different along with how you position your clothes on the board. 

Prize sponsored by Tracy Bishop. 

Participant Information


  • Traditional
  • Consumer Science Purchased, $40 limit
  • Upcycled
  • Knit Challenge
  • Stripe/Print/Plaid Challenge


  • Primary (age 5-8)
  • Junior (age 9-10)
  • Intermediate (age 11-13)
  • Senior (age 13-19)


Traditional: features garments the participant has constructed, showcasing sewing skills and the ability coordinate an outfit. The entry must be sewn by the member as a part of the 4-H Clothing and Textiles project. The outfit must contain at least one constructed garment; participants are encouraged to construct additional garments to complete the outfit. (No change from 2016)

Consumer Science Purchased, $40 Limit for the entire outfit, includes shoes but not sales tax. Receipts from the current 4-H year are required for any item that is visible. Gifts, prior purchases, and items without receipts are not eligible for this category. Receipts from yard sales, etc. may be hand written. The member should consider value vs. cost., versatility, the shopping experience, and coordination of the outfit within the cost limit. There is no 4-H project requirement; any 4-H member may enter this category. (Note addition of category criteria.)

Upcycled - take one or more existing garment and turn them into a new, different, and wearable garment. Additional fabrics, trim and supplies may be used during the construction process. The upcycled garment must be sewn by the member as part of the 4-H Clothing & Textiles project. Additional upcycled or/or sewn garment are encouraged to complete the outfit.  A "before" photograph showing the original garment(s) is required. This is not an alteration - such as a large dress taken in to fit a smaller person that still retains the same lines. It is where the garment has been cut apart and remade into a new garment that looks different. The emphasis is on the transition of the garment. The outfit entered in the Upcycled category must include an accessory of your choice, handmade by the participant. (No change from 2016.)

Knit Challenge - Construct an entire wearable garment out of knit fabric. Any fabric content is allowed (cotton, polyester, wool, rayon, blend, etc.) and any type of knit (single knit, double knit, rib knit). This is not a garment that is hand-knit; it is a garment that is sewn, serged, or otherwise constructed using fabric. In designing and constructing the garment, consider how the stretch of knit fabric affects the fit and opportunity to learn new techniques for seaming, hemming and edge finishes. Include handmade or purchased garment and items to complete the outfit. Open to all 4-H members with no project requirement. (New for 2017)

Stripe/Print/Plaid Challenge - Choose any two of the three fabric designs (stripe, print, and plaid) and incorporate them into one or more sewn garments. If one garment is sewn, it must include 2 of the 3 choices (ex: a shirt containing print and plaid). If multiple garments are sewn, the 2 choices can be in one garments (ex: print and plaid shirt), more than one garments (ex: print and plaid shirt and skirt), or one garment each (ex: print shirt and striped pants). The additional of other fabric is allowed (ex: solids, other prints/stripes/plaids, polka dots, etc.). In addition to construction techniques for stripes and plaids, consider placement of prints, harmonious combinations of fabrics in design of the out fit and current style trends. Include handmade or purchased garments and items to complete the outfit. The entry must be created by the member as part of the 4-H Clothing & Textiles project. (New for 2017)

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