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Sacramento Valley Prune News - Bloom, 2019 (272KB)
Annual UCCE South Sacramento Valley Prune Meeting
Co-sponsored by Sutter Co Ag Commissioner’s Office
February 21, 2019
8:00 AM – 12:30 PM followed by hosted lunch
--Thanks to Sunsweet Growers Inc.--
Veterans Memorial Hall, 1425 Veterans Memorial Circle, Yuba City 
2.0 hours PCA CE approved (0.5 L&R; 1.5 Other)
3.5 hours CCA CE approved (0.5 NM, 1.5 PM, 1.0 CM, 0.5 PD)
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PDF 2/12/19
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Pre-Bloom, 2019 (771KB)
  • 2019 UCCE Winter Prune Meetings
  • Orchard Considerations for Bloom and Beyond
  • Update on Heart Rot in Prunes
  • Is This a Year to Skip Thinning?
  • Weed Management Considerations When Replanting Trees in an Established Prune Orchard
  • Bloom Disease Treatments in Prune and Honey Bee Safety
  • Trends in World Prune Markets
  • 2019 UC IPM Breakfast Meetings
  • Fungicide efficacy/timing tables

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PDF 1/30/19
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Fall, 2018 (560KB)
  • Fall & Winter Prune Orchard Management Considerations
  • Cytospora Post-harvest: Cut it out! Protect fresh cuts!
  • Pros and Cons of Mechanical Pruning

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PDF 10/16/18
Email Extra - Prune Rootstock Trial Field Day (130KB)

Head out to the field to check out for yourself 14 rootstocks in two Sacramento Valley trials!



6:45 am - Registration

7:00 am - Discussion and walking tour of Yuba County prune rootstock trial

RSVP to this free event at:

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PDF 7/25/18
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Pre-Harvest, 2018 (349KB)
  • Prune Rootstock Trial Field Day
  • Pre-Harvest and Harvest Prune Orchard Considerations
  • Managing canker diseases in prune orchards: what we have learned so far
  • Prune Harvest Timing
  • July Leaf Sampling: A Critical Task in Prune Production
  • Growing the Valley Podcast
PDF 6/26/18
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Bloom, 2018 (1,820KB)
  • South Sacramento Valley Prune Meeting
  • Prune Bloom Orchard Management Considerations
  • Dry, Warm, Winter Raises Questions about Irrigation
  • Thinning Prunes
  • Evaluating New Rootstocks: What's the Latest?
  • New Hazard for Interplanted Orchards
  • Fungicide Efficacy
PDF 2/16/18
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Fall 2017 (617KB)
  • Advances in Prune Production Meeting
  • Fall Prune Orchard Management Considerations Following A Heavy Crop
  • Aphid Management Review
PDF 9/13/17
Saramento Valley Prune News - Preharvest, 2017 (863KB)
  • July and August Prune Management Considerations
  • Root Asphyxiation (Waterlogging)
  • Bacterial Canker Experience in the Sacramento Valley
  • Advances in Cytospora canker management
  • Save the Date:  Recent Advances in Prune Research
  • Upcoming IPM Meetings
  • Website Resources
PDF 7/7/17
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Spring, 2017 (893KB)
  •  Prune Management Considerations: Late Spring through Summer
  • Thinning Prunes
  • Techniques to Time First Irrigation Dates for Prune
  • Prune orchard nutrition: thoughts for 2017
  • Why are some prune trees yellow in the spring? The Bicarbonate Blues
PDF 5/11/17
Sac Valley Prune News - Bloom, 2017 (907KB)
  • Annual Prune Meeting Agenda
  • Prune bloom orchard management considerations
  • Crop Load Adjustment (Thinning Prunes)
  • Bad Bloom Weather Options
  • Fungicide Efficacy

PDF 2/22/17
Sac Valley Prune News - Fall, 2016 (1,236KB)
  • Upcoming Meetings
  • Fall prune orchard management consideration following a light crop (without hurting the next crop)
  • Preliminary Observations for New Prune Rootstocks
  • Food for thought when planting a new prune orchard
  • Potted tree irrigation after planting: Getting the first year right
  • Prune Industry Summit 2017

Upcoming Prune Meetings: 

  1. February 1, 2017 - Prune Industry Summit 2017, Lincoln, CA
  2. February 17, 2017 - UCCE Tehama County Prune Meeting, Red Bluff, CA
  3. March 3, 2017 - UCCE South Sacramento Valley Prune Meeting, Yuba City

PDF 11/1/16
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Preharvest, 2016 (982KB)
  • Preharvest/ Harvest prune orchard practices in a tough year
  • New Prune Rootstock Performance
  • Prune Breeding Program Update
  • New Website Resource for Sac Valley Tree Crop Production
  • Twitter: Timely prune orchard management information
  • Prune Orchard Cover Crop Location Needed!
PDF 7/12/16
Sac Valley Prune News - Spring 2016 (1,002KB)
  • Prune Orchard Management Considerations - Fruit Development to Harvest
  • Prune Bloom 2016
  • Weekly Soil Moisture Loss Reports to Assist with Water Management
  • Pocket Gopher Management: Don't wait too long!
  • Cropload Evaluation and Shaker Thinning for Orchard Health and Profit
PDF 4/26/16
Sacramento Valley Prune Newsletter - Bloom, 2016 (732KB)
  • UCCE Sutter-Yuba Annual Prune Meeting
  • Prune Bloom Orchard Management Considerations
  • Nitrogen Management for Prunes
  • 2015 Field Evaluation of Prune Rootstocks
  • Fungicide Efficacy
PDF 2/22/16
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Fall, 2015 (1,024KB)
  • 2016 UCCE Prune Meetings
  • Fall Prune Orchard Management Considerations
  • Ran and pruning don't mix!
  • Weed Management in Prunes
  • A good year for a fall spray in prunes?
  • Have any of your trees blown down? Give us a call!
  • Gear Up, Throttle DownTM = pest control and cost/time savings
PDF 10/23/15
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Preharvest, 2015 (879KB)
  • 5 Preharvest practices to consider
  • Predicting an Early 'French' Harvest
  • Prune Cracking
  • Blue Prune

PDF 7/22/15
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Bloom, 2015 (1,937KB)
  • Prune Grower Meeting
  • Prune Orchard Activities
  • Heat at Bloom Update
  • Honey Bee Safety During Prune Bloom
  • Pesticide Safety Workshop
  • Herbicide Registration Chart
PDF 2/19/15
2014 Orchard Spraying Field Meetings (253KB)

Colusa-Sutter-Yuba Orchard Spraying Field Meetings

(Same program -- different dates/locations)


November 12, 2014, 8:00am - 12:30pm

(south Sutter County -- Wilson Road x Highway 99)


November 14, 2014, 8:00am - 12:30pm

(Nickels Soil Lab, Arbuckle)

PDF 10/30/14
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Fall 2014 (1,506KB)
  • Orchard Spraying Field Meetings
  • Fall Orchard Considerations
  • Potassium Nutrition - Maintaining Optimum Levels by Replacing What You've Lost
  • Cytospora Cankers Can Destroy an Orchard
  • Fall Weed Management Considerations in Prune Orchards
  • Irrigation System Maintenance
  • Herbicide Registration Chart
PDF 10/30/14
Sacramento Valley Prune News - Spring 2012 (1,014KB)
  • Prune Field Meeting
  • Crop Load Assessment and Adjustment
  • When to Thin and Why
  • Get What You Pay for with Fertilizers
  • Internet Updates
PDF 4/23/12
Sacramento Valley Prune News May, 2009 Spring Prune Field Day, Yuba City, May 6th. Nichels Field Day, Colusa May 15th. Prune Orchard Checklist. Temperatures 30 days after bloom may influence fruit size. Irrigation with Reduced Water Supplies. Steps for Producing Large Prunes. Prune Aphids in Spring/Summer. Making Money Growing Prunes in 2009. PDF 4/28/09
E-Mail Extra: March 3, 2009 2009 Prune Day March 5, 2009 PDF 3/3/09
E-Mail Extra: November 17, 2008 PDF 7/22/10
October 2008 PDF 10/17/08
August 2008 PDF 7/22/08
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