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Fair Eligibility, Bi-County Events & Presentation Opportunities

Bi-County Events

The following events are considered Bi-County Events -- Reminder the YS fair is not considered a Bi-County 4-H event (unless you worked the 4-H booth at their Fair) but we have numerous opportunities for you to compete your requirement. You will meet eligibility if you actively participate as a 4-H member in two of the following events:

Bi-County events:

  • County 4-H Council Meetings (5)
  • UCCE Fall Fundraiser
  • End of Year Party
  • 4-H Kick Off Event
  • Cattle Drive Parade
  • Fall Fair (formally Spring Fair) 
  • Yuba-Sutter Farm Day
  • 4-H Craft Day
  • Marysville Christmas Parade
  • County Presentation Day
  • Fashion Revue
  • Bok Kai Parade
  • 4-H Camp
  • Officers Training
  • TSC Paper Clover (Spring & Fall)
  • 4-H Color Me Green

State 4-H events:

  • State 4-H Field Day
  • Regional or State 4-H Presentation Day
  • Regional or State 4-H Fashion Revue
  • Youth Summit
  • State Leadership Conference
  • California Focus
  • State 4-H Booth at California State Fair
  • Washington Focus
  • CSU, Chico Swine, Sheep & Goat Day
  • UC Davis Field Day


Fair Eligibility Policy


County Fair

In order to exhibit at the 2025 Yuba–Sutter Fair, all 4-H members must meet the following requirements:

  • Individuals must be enrolled in 4hOnline and in the appropriate project prior to November 1, 2024. Online enrollment must be confirmed by the Community Club leader by November 30, 2024.
  • Each member must participate in at least two bi-county events.
  • Regular members (primary members are exempt) must give one verbal presentation at the appropriate club or county level
    • 1st—2nd year regular members must present at either project, club or county level
    • 3rd—5th year regular members must present at club or county level
    • 6th+ year regular member must present at county OR actively participate in a significant county leadership role
  • Members must attend 80% or more of club project meetings for the project to be exhibited at fair.
  • Complete Project Completion requirements as outlined in the Steps to Success in 4-H.


Presentation/Leadership Opportunities
Presentation/Leadership Opportunities (REQUIRED): Fair Requirement Senior Members Form  


  • Bi-County Presentation Day - Presenter, Emcee/Tabulator, Youth Evaluator or Room Coordinator
  • Area/State Presentation Day - Presenter, Emcee/Tabulator, Youth Evaluator or Room Coordinator
  • 4-H Presentation on a 4-H related topic at a Civic Organization (Presentation must adhere to the State Presentation Requirements)
  • Educational Presentation at Spring Fair on a 4-H Related topic (Presentation must adhere to the State Presentation Requirements)
  • Bi-County Achievement Night - MC (Must follow speaker guidelines)
  • Fashion Revue - Commentator (must follow speaker guidelines



6th+ year regular members must utilize their public speaking knowledge and leadership skills at the county level. Member must participate in the planning of a county 4-H event by being an active member of a county committee. Leadership roles available to teens are:

  • County Council Member - Attend 4 of the 5 County 4-H Council meetings and take a leadership role as a youth partner.
  • Spring Fair Committee - Serve on a planning committee to plan Spring Fair and actively help at event as a youth partner.
  • Fashion Revue Committee - Serve on the planning committee to plan Fashion Revue and actively help at event as a youth partner.
  • Other Mayor County Committee - Serve on the committee to plan any other major county event (ie Color Me Green, Achievement Night, Parades, Fair Booth) and actively help at event as a youth partner
  • Camp Counselor - Attend camp planning meetings and be a color group leader, a daily leader, or campfire leader at camp. 
  • Camp Rotation Presentation - Present a 30 minute class (rotation) three times to a group of 30-40 campers.
  • Coordinating Large 4-H Community Service Project/Event - Work as lead in coordinating Large 4-H Community service Project or Event - this event must be signed of by your 4-H Community Club leader and/or the 4-H Program Representative.
  • Outreach Committee - work with the 4-H Office to provide 4-H Activities at community events Yuba and Sutter Counties. Examples are Beale AFB 4-H Day, Farm Day, Sutter County Haunted health Fair, and the United Way Resource Fair
  • 4-H County Ambassador

This section cannot have double credit, i.e. if working on a large project for Emerald Star it cannot count for this requirement as well.