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County Presentation Day


Public Speaking

Public Speaking skills are ranked number one among the desired skill sets of professionals.

2016 Presentation Day 169
Every 4-H member is encouraged to give a presentation each year.

4-H members practice by giving talks to projects groups and at community club meetings, sharing information about the skills they learned in a project, and observing other people giving presentations. See quick tips on presentation types and requirements.

Types of Presentations
Presentation Clip Art

Presentations are not just demonstrations. You have many options ranging from traditional demonstrations for beginning members to persuasive speeches for more experienced members. All of the various presentation styles require similar skills and are designed to meet the interests and age-appropriate levels of the member. No style of presentation is better than any other. Choose the style that best fits you for your presentation and then try other styles as you advance in 4-H. 

Demonstration/Illustrated Talk Impromptu Speech
Science or Engineering Presentation
Interpretive Reading
Educational Display Talk
Share the 4-H Fun Skits
Persuasive Prepared Speech Cultural Arts
Informative Prepared Speech Infographics - NEW
Video Essay - NEW  

Any questions, please contact Rene at the 4-H Office at 530.822.7515 or rjmccrory@ucanr.edu.

2024 Impromptu Speech Categories

Categories for impromptu presentations are available so the presenter is expected to have completed basic research. Presenters are allowed one 5" x 7" note card (single sided) to reference during the delivery of the impromptu speech. 

Impromptu Presentation - Senior (14-19 years old)

  • Civic Engagement (Civic Engagement)
  • Importance of Sleep (Healthy Living)
  • Resilience (Leadership)
  • Agricultural Science & Technology (STEM)

Impromptu Presentation - Intermediate (11-13 years old)

  • My 4-H Club
  • My Neighborhood

See the full descriptions of the 2024 Impromptu Categories (PDF)

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