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Food Safety

4-H Food Safety


The service of safe food should be a priority at all 4-H meetings, events, and fundraisers. Any activity where food is served (potluck, concession stand, bake sale, etc.) has the risk of food borne illness. Training for 4-H adult volunteers and youth members should be conducted annually.

If your club or project is planning on conducting any activity that involves servicing or handling of food, please encourage all youth and adults involved to complete the Food Safety online training. The training covers six ares of food safety:

  1. The Importance of food safety
  2. Safe food handling process
  3. Clean
  4. Separate
  5. Cook
  6. Chill

You may complete the training in one sitting (it takes about an hour) or you can complete each area separately. You will receive a certificate of completion for completing the training. This certification is good for three (3) years.

Food Safety Online Training Tips

  • Google Chrome or Firefox are the recommended browsers to use for this training
  • You will need Adobe Flash installed on your computer to view the training
  • To navigate the training site:
    • Click on the yellow tabs at the top of the page to progress through the training
    • Scroll through each page and click on the links (some pages have several links)

Food Safety Online Training Site


Food Safety Handouts

Have questions about food safety practices and policy? Please contact Tracy Bishop, 4-H Program Representative, tmbishop@ucanr.edu