12/9--Sacramento Valley Pest Management Webinar--CEU Event

Nov 13, 2020

University of California Cooperative Extension Sutter-Yuba-Colusa is holding a 3-hour pest management webinar on Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 to provide pest management information and research updates on some of the major annual crops in the Sacramento Valley. The presentations are relevant to growers throughout California and are primarily focused on pest management of rice, field crops and processing tomatoes with a portion of the webinar devoted to updates on laws and regulation. 

The December 9th webinar will feature an hour of rice presentations given by Luis Espino, Rice Farming Systems Advisor in Butte County and Whitney Brim-DeForest, Rice and Wild Rice Advisor in Sutter-Yuba counties. Espino states, "This was a year with severe rice blast in the northern Sacramento Valley; the presentation will cover blast biology and management information. I will also review arthropod issues such as tadpole shrimp and armyworms.” Brim-DeForest says, “The webinar cover the latest weed research in rice, including weedy rice, watergrass species, and the 2019 weed survey”.

Amber Vinchesi-Vahl, Vegetable Crops Advisor in Colusa and Sutter-Yuba counties, will provide information on pest management of processing tomatoes, the dominant vegetable crop in the Sacramento Valley. She states, "I will be providing information on important pest issues in commercial processing tomatoes and the latest research updates on disease and weed management."  

Sarah Light, Agronomy Advisor for Colusa and Sutter-Yuba counties will present information on area field crops. Light says, "My presentation will cover relevant pest management updates related to field crop production in the region." 

The webinar will also include a regulatory update for Sutter County by Scott Bowden, Deputy Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer. This portion of the program will include information on permitting and updates on chlorpyrifos and paraquat. 

Enrollment is limited, so register early. The cost is $25 for the 3-hour webinar. For more details or to register, visit http://ucanr.edu/survey/survey.cfm?surveynumber=32431. DPR CE and CCA credits are pending (2 "other" hours and 0.5 Laws & Regs hours).  

If you have questions, contact Sarah Light [selight@ucanr.edu or call the UCCE Sutter-Yuba office at (530) 822-7515].


By Sarah Light
Author - Agronomy Farm Advisor

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