Vertebrate Pest Management Training Happening This Week

Mar 29, 2021

Gophers, ground squirrels, and meadow voles are among the most important pests in California alfalfa fields. 

Training in vertebrate pest management and control is being held, starting tomorrow for the next few days in virtual webinars.

Sign up now for Virtual Vertebrate Pest Council Webinars coming in the next few days.


Pocket Gopher in an alfalfa field.



Tuesday, March 30, 2021-Register here.

  • Ground Squirrel Management- Carolyn Whitesell, UCCE Advisor San Mateo-San Francisco
  • Gopher & Vole Management- Roger Baldwin, UC Davis
  • Using PRESCRIBE- Ed Duarte, Alameda County Dept. of Ag/ Weights & Measures

Wednesday, March 31, 2021-Register here.

  • Navigating AB1788-Jim Hartman, Los Angeles County Dept. of Ag./Weights & Measures
  • Rodenticide Exposure in Wildlife- Jaime Rudd, California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
  • Active Ingredients, Modes of Actions for Managing Rodents in CA, Niamh Quinn, UC ANR

Thursday April 1, 2021-Register here.

  • Rat Trapping 101- Niamh Quinn, UC Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Health Significance of Rodents for Rodent Managers- Laura Krueger, Orange County Mosquito & Vector Control District
  • Controlling Rodent in Homeless Encampments- Michael Mooney, Alameda County Vector Control Services District



Continuing Education Hours

DPR:   Day 1 -1.5 hrs Other and 0.5 hrs Laws

Day 2 -1.5 Laws and 0.5 Other

Day 3 - 2.0 Other

For more information, see or contact UC ANR Vertebrate Pest Control Specialist, Roger Baldwin,


By Daniel H Putnam
Author - Cooperative Extension Specialist, Agronomist in the AES
By Rachael Long

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