Can we count on you to be counted?

Apr 1, 2020

Can we count on you to be counted?

Apr 1, 2020

Every ten years, the United States Census is sent to every resident of our country in order to get an accurate count of our population. This data is utilized for several different purposes, and the California 4-H Civic Engagement Committee wants to remind you of the importance of this effort. Below are just a few reasons why filling out the census from home now will help your local community.

Safely fill it out from home

This is the first year we are able to complete the Census online, at This is extra beneficial considering everything going on with COVID-19. You should have received a code for your household in the mail. If you don't have the code you can still fill out the Census online and enter your address information manually.

Data collection for the census has begun, so don't wait! It's only nine questions. You can fill it out from home by phone, online, or by mailing in the form being sent to homes. If you do not respond or fill out all the questions by May 1st, a census-worker will have to come by your residence to conduct an in-person interview. Responding from home now will limit the number of people who have to go door to door.

Ensures Equal Representation

The census helps to ensure that we are all represented. The data collected by the census is used to determine the number of Congress members we have, which is based on population. This is to make certain everyone is equally represented. If people do not fill out the census, there will be an inaccurate count–and thus our voice may not be heard.

Funding from the Federal Government

Population is a major determining factor in how much funding communities receive from the federal government. This funding impacts schools, childcare, medical care and many other programs that support youth and families. Because of these reasons, it is imperative to ensure we are accurately counted so our communities receive the funding we need.

Stay safe, and BE COUNTED!

By Andrew Kielak

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