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Cooperative Extension, Sutter-Yuba Counties


2017 Sutter-Yuba


 4-H Camp
Dobbins, California
June 24-28
Map to 4H Camp
Important things to bring to Camp:
  1. Warm sleeping bag (no silky)
  2. Pillows and blankets
  3. 5 days of causal clothing
  4. Flashlight (w/extra batteries)
  5. Sunscreen & Insect repellant (non-aerosol)
  6. Personal toiletry articles, toothpaste, shampoo, shower shoes, etc.
  7. Swimming suit & towels
  8. Shoes (no sandals for hikes)
  9. Jacket or sweatshirt with hood

Cell Phone/Social Media Policy:

  • Please go over the new cell phone/social media policy with your member. Be sure they are aware of the rules regarding cell phones, and the consequences of breaking those rules.  


  • If your child has a special dietary need, and must bring food, please call the 4-H Office at 530-822-7515. 


Important Dates


May 30 ONLINE REGISTRATION DUE by 11:59 pm. Campers and chaperones must be registered at this time.
June 6


NEW LEADER ORIENTATION 6:00pm, 4-H Office - Parents who plan to serve as camp chaperones and are not already current, certified 4-H Adult Volunteers, must attend this Orientation. 

June 24 CAMP BEGINS with lunch on Saturday, June 24th - Campers arriving before 10 am will be asked to stay with their parents in the parking area until camp check-in starts at 10 am.
June 28 CAMP CLOSES on Wednesday, June 28th at 12:00 pm. Lunch will NOT be served on Wednesday; plan your departure AFTER the camp has been completely cleaned. Parents can help clean when they arrive if they like. 

4-H Camp

Code of Conduct

The following applies to everyone at camp (campers, counselors, adults.) These behaviors will not be tolerated. Campers can be sent home for partaking in any of the following:

  • Acting disrespectfully toward another person or their property
  • Possession of firecrackers, firearms or weapons
  • Leaving camp without permission
  • Possession of alcohol, drugs (other than prescription drugs), tobacco including e-cigarettes, matches, etc.
  • Unauthorized boys in the girl's area or girls in the boy's area
  • Swimming at unauthorized times
  • Hazing, pranks, threats, or harassment of other members or adults (use of shaving cream, toothpaste, hair gel, lipstick or other substance on another member's person or property, etc.)
  • Writing on the walls or otherwise defacing the buildings at camp

Infractions of the above rules may result in an immediate call to the individual's parents to come and pick up the camper. We will post camp rules on the dining slab.

 * The GO policy will be in effect. If a member gets a G and an O they will be sent home (depending on the circumstances campers can be sent home on the  first offense.)


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