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Vegetable Crops Newsletter - June 2018
  • Disease Highlight: Alfalfa Mosaic Virus
  • Multisite demonstration of conservation management practices for soil health and greenhouse gas emissions reduction
  • Insecticide screening and cucumber beetle biology and movement in fresh-market melons
  • Monitoring southern blight prevalence in Colusa County
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Vegetable Crop News - December 2017
  • South Sacramento Valley Tomato Production Meeting
  • Southern Blight Cliff Notes - 2017


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Veg Crop News - December 2016
  • SAVE THE DATE: South Sacramento Valley Processing Tomato Production Meeting - Thursday, January 12 - 8am-12pm
  • Field Observations and Year Review 2016
    • Processing Tomatoes
    • Cucurbits
  • Fusarium wilt, Race 3 tomatoes variety trial

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Veg Crop News - July, 2016

Introducing the New Vegetable Crops Advisor in Colusa, Sutter and Yuba Counties

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Sacramento Valley Field Crop Newsletter - December 2015
South Sacramento Valley Processing Tomato Production Meeting
Woodland Community Center | 2001 East Street, Woodland, CA 95776
January 7, 2016 | 8:00am - Noon
7:45  Doors will open — Coffee and refreshments will be ready
8:30  Evaluation of supplemental composted manure & potassium on plant health
8:50  Insight into Fusarium wilt of tomato 
9:10  Fusarium wilt studies
9:20  Variety Evaluations: Lance Stevens, AgSeeds Unlimited
9:40  Local Pesticide Regulation Update
10:00——————— Short Break————————————
10:15 Powdery mildew management in processing tomatoes
10:35 Root knot nematode control evaluations; and Southern Blight control attempts 10:55 Chemical control evaluations for stink bug; and leafhopper surveys for Curly top
11:15 Groundwater Quantity and Quality:  Recent Regulations that Affect Growers
11:45 Question Period
12:00 - end 
Meeting is open to any interested party.


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Sacramento Valley Field Crops Newsletter - Winter 2015
  • Tomato Production Meeting Recap
  • New Position Announced for the Sacramento Valley
  • Notes on Current Wheat Crop
  • Meeting Announcements
  • Crop Pollination Workshop
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Sacramento Valley Field Crops Newsletter - December 2014

South Sacramento Valley Processing Tomato Production Meeting

Thursday, January 8, 2015, 8am - noon

Woodland Community Center

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Sacramento Valley Field Crops Newsletter - Fall 2014

Timing of nitrogen (N) demand for wheat

Meeting Announcements

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Sacramento Valley Field Crops Newsletter - Summer 2014

Drought impacts on agriculture and groundwater

Managing corn in drought conditions

Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO) deadline for winter wheat is September 30th

Meeting Announcement:  The development of crop insurance for alfalfa and other forage crops

Out of sight but not out of mind: California refocuses on groundwater

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Sacramento Valley Field Crops Newsletter, Spring 2014

Drought impacts on salinity, nitrogen management

In-field diagnostics to optimize nitrogen management in wheat

Canola and camelina, winter oilseed crops

Small Grain and Alfalfa Field Day


Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Field Day

Web Resources

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Sacramento Valley Field Crops Newsletter

A new year and a new farm advisor in Colusa-Sutter-Yuba

A brief pest note

Upcoming Events

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2014 Tomato Production Meeting

Tomato Production Meeting, 1/9/14 8:00-12:00 in Woodland

The South Sacramento Valley Processing Tomato Production Meeting will be held tomorrow, 1/9/2014 from 8AM to 12 noon at the Woodland Community Center (2001 East St., Woodland 95776).

The agenda is attached along with PCA/CCA credit information.

1/8/14 Download
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Agronomy Notes - November 2009 Announcing the 11th Annual Northern Sacramento Valley Pest Management for Field Crops Seminar 11/18/09 Download
Agronomy Notes - October 2009   10/15/09 Download
Agronomy Notes - October 2008   4/2/10 Download
Agronomy Notes March 2008 Mid-Season Nitrigen Fertility Management in Wheat and Barley Nitrogen Management and Grain Protein Determining Irrigation Cutoff What about Stripe Rust? 3/3/09 Download
March 2007 Agronomy Notes Wheat Stripe Rust---When does it pay to treat with fungicides?, What have we learned so far?, What about this year? UC Davis Small Grains and Alfalfa/Forage Field Day 3/11/08 Download
October 2006 Reseeding Damaged Young Alfalfa Stands 2006 Wheat Varity Results ---Looking for that Stripe Rust Resistant Variety? 2006 UC Davis Common Wheat and Triticale Test 2005-2006 Wheat Yield Summary, Sacramento Valley Western Alfalfa & Forage Conference 6/8/11 Download
October 2005 Choosing a wheat variety for the 2005-06 crop year---What's a grower to do? 35th California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium 6/8/11 Download
January 2005 Meeting agendas for the following meetings: January 21, 2005, 2nd Northern Sacramento Valley Field Crops Production Seminar February 10, 2005, Yuba Sutter Field & Vegetable Crops Production Meeting 6/8/11 Download
November 2004 6th Annual Northern Sacramento Valley Field Crops Weed & Pest Control Seminar announcement 5/28/08 Download
October 2004 Wheat and Barley Varieities for 2005 crop National Alfalfa symposium December 13-15, 2004 6/8/11 Download
May 4, 2004 UC Davis Small Grains & Alfalfa Field Day 2/6/08 Download
February 2004 Update on Wheat Stripe Rust; Weed Control Issues; Triennial California Corn Growers Meeting 6/8/11 Download
January 2004 Field Crops Production Seminar: Wheat & Barley Varieties for Stripe Rust Control; Fungicides for Wheat Stripe Rust Control; Alfalfa Nutrient Deficiencies & Fertilization; Safflower Herbicide Options for 2004; Safflower Varieties in the Sacramento Valley; Dry Bean Production Issues; Herbicide Tolerant Cotton Variety Trials 6/8/11 Download
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