Spring 2024 Workshops!

We have several outstanding workshops coming up in the next three weeks! Contact me at dmacon@ucanr.edu or (530) 889-7385 for more information!

Livestock Health & Wildfire Webinar (Thursday, March 28 - 6:00pm-7:30pm) - Virtual: Join Extension Veterinarians Dr. Gaby Maier, Dr. Rosie Busch, and Dr. Lais Costa, along with UCCE livestock advisor Dan Macon, for a webinar focusing on livestock health and wildfire. We'll discuss preparations for fire season, decision-making during a wildfire, and managing livestock health after exposure to fire and smoke. This webinar is free, but you must register to receive the webinar link. Register at https://ucanr.edu/livestockhealth&wildfire.

Preparing Livestock for Wildfire Season Webinar March 28, 2024 - 6-730pm (2)

Ag Technology Showcase (Thursday, April 11 - 4:00pm-6pm) - Auburn, CA: Join UCCE and other farmers and ranchers to look at new agricultural technology! We'll talk about (and demonstrate) virtual fence technology, electronic identification systems, on-farm weather stations, soil moisture monitors, drones, and other technology designed to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Cost: $10/person. Register at https://surveys.ucanr.edu/survey.cfm?surveynumber=42435.

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By Daniel K Macon
Author - County Director, Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor