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Integrated Pest Mgmt


 Carolyn Pickel is the Sacramento Valley Regional Integrated Pest Management (IPM) advisor for the University of California Cooperative Extension and the UC IPM Program.  She is responsible for research and extension of pest management programs for crops grown in the Sacramento Valley.  Her current program focus is on walnuts, prunes, almonds, and cling peach pests.  Her research program includes pheromone technology, oblique banded leafroller biology and monitoring, and developing degree-day models for noctuid moths, including tomato fruitworm, cabbage looper, and beet armyworm that attack row crops.  She has worked for the University of California Cooperative Extension since 1975 and for UC IPM since 1980 in the Central Coast until 1990 when she moved to the Sacramento Valley.  Carolyn received both her B.S. and M.S. in entomology from UC Berkeley.  The codling moth degree-day model she developed as her master thesis is still used today.

The IPM program does extensive research and shares results with farm advisors, PCA's and growers.

The Area IPM Advisor is a unique position in a county cooperative extension office, and works with clientele through farm advisors by conducting problem solving pest management research and educational programs. The Sacramento Valley position covers a seven county area:  Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Sutter\Yuba, Yolo, and Tehama.