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Eat Fit


EATFIT is designed to improve the eating the fitness choices of middle school adolescents (grades 6-8). National surveys show that a high prevalence of nutritional deficiencies occur during adolescence and that physical activity declines steadily beginning at this age. Some of the consequences of unhealthful eating and fitness choices are poor school performance, low energy levels, obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer.

EATFIT includes 9 lessons plus several lesson enhancements.  All include an overview, objectives, a list of the California Content Standards met, and a plan of action and topics for discussion.  Goal setting is a theme that runs throughout the curriculum.  The first lesson starts with a fun trivia game in a format similar to Jeopardy.  This can show how much students already know about nutrition.  The last lesson  finishes with TV watching, what is known about marketing and how it is linked to personal activity and choices we make that affect one's health.

EATFIT curriculum includes a teacher manual and magazine-like student workbooks.  UC Cooperative Extension can prepare specific lessons for you too.  We often demonstrate these lessons when we visit classrooms.  They are fun and interactive.

walkfit is a step-counter walking program designed for physical activity promotion.  It can be used in conjuction with EATFIT or as a stand alone program.  It focuses on goal setting and increasing physical activity in adolescents.  It is adaptable to fit your classroom's needs.  Pedometers can be checked out from UCCE to use with this curriculum.  It also works great in Afterschool Programs.

walkfit teacher manuals come on a CD, but UC Cooperative Extension can print it for you if that's your preference.  This curriculum also includes student workbooks for recording progress and additional information that makes it very interactive with your students.