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Go Glow Grow

Based on the USDA's MyPlate, Go Glow Grow nutrition curriculum simplifies MyPyramid for preschoolers.  It is divided into 3 sections labeled Go, Glow and Grow.  Each of the sections corresponds to the effect these food groups have on the body.

     GO Foods contain the Grains Group foods that provide the body with energy.  It is the first group on MyPlate and the foundation of a healthy diet.  Children learn that GO foods......"help me run, jump and play all day."  "GRAINS means GO"

     GLOW Foods contain the Vegetables and the Fruits Group foods that supply the body with vitamins and minerals to keep the body healthy and functioning properly.  Children learn that GLOW foods..."make my hair shine and eyes sparkle."

     GROW Foods contain the Milk and the Meat & Beans Group foods that help the body grow and develop strong bones and muscles. Children learn that GROW foods...."help me grow bigger and stronger."

Each lesson in Go Glow Grow includes overviews and objectives, teacher background information, a snack idea, experiential activities, parent letters and healthy recipes in Spanish and English.

Children will be introduced to the MyPlate and have plenty of opportunities to group foods into categories. Physical activity is incorporated into each lesson to enhance the connection between eating healthy foods and daily exercise.