UC Davis Alfalfa/Grains Field Day to be held 11 May, 2023

Apr 24, 2023

For all of those interested in alfalfa and grain crops (small grains, sorghum), you may want to attend the 2023 UC Davis Field Day on 11 May.  Varieties, pest management, irrigation, etc.  See below.


Guaranteed weather!!!   (yes we guarantee there will be weather - hopefully beautiful)

Hop on the hay-wagons and visit research plots on the UC Davis Campus and discuss research with colleagues. Starts 7:30a.m.

This field day is sponsored by UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences, UC Cooperative Extension (ANR), and The California Crop Improvement Association.


REGISTER HERE (no cost) to guarantee lunch

Payment: None!!!  Just your presence.

Hope to see you there...

Dan Putnam (Forage Specialist) and Mark Lundy (Grains Specialist), UC Davis



2023 UC Davis Small Grains and Alfalfa/Forages Field Day

May 11th, 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Supported by the California Crop Improvement Association (CCIA)


Department of Plant Sciences Field Facility, UC Davis

(2400 Hutchison Dr, Davis CA 38.5390, -121.7800)

CE Credits (TBD)

REGISTER HERE (no charge for event)

     7:30   Sign-in (refreshments available)

     7:55   Welcome and Introductions (CCIA Directors Katy Soden and Timothy Blank)

     8:00   Travel on Wagons to Field

Alfalfa/Forage/Biofuel Field Tour Agenda

     8:10   Alfalfa Breeding Efforts at UC Davis—Charlie Brummer

     8:20   Choosing Varieties for Pest Resistance—Dan Putnam, UC Davis

     8:30   IPM and Importance of Management of Insect Resistance in Alfalfa—Ian Grettenberger, UC Davis

     8:40    Test your Weed IQ – Identification of weeds—Brad Hanson, UC Davis

     8:55   Use of Compost to improve soils in alfalfa—Michelle Leinfelder-Miles UCANR and UC Davis

     9:05   Sorghum Projects for Forage and Biofuels—Jackie Atim, Kearney Research Center and UC Merced

     9:15   Improving agronomic and grain quality traits in sorghum, under well-watered and drought conditions—Christine Diepenbrock, UC Davis

     9:35   Flood or Drought? Alfalfa Strategies for coping with California's Future—Dan Putnam UC Davis

     9:45   Teff as an Alternative Summer Forage Crop—Dan Putnam, UC Davis

     9:50   Overhead Irrigation Technologies for Improved efficiency—Isaya Kisekka, UC Davis

Small Grains Field Tour Agenda

     10:05  Updates from UC Davis small grains breeding program Jorge Dubcovsky (UC Davis)

     10:20  Effects of genotype and environment on productivity and quality in Californian malting barley Maany Ramanan, Taylor Nelsen, Mark Lundy, Christine Diepenbrock, Glen Fox (UC Davis/UCCE)

     10:30  California Grain Foundation and research on food use of triticale George Fohner (CA Grain Foundation)

     10:40  Small grain research update from Tulelake Rob Wilson and Darrin Culp (UC Intermountain REC)

     10:55  Evaluating digestate and hydrolysate as alternative N sources in small grains Valentina Roel and Cameron Pittelkow (UC Davis)

     11:05  Biosolids as a N fertilizer source in California small grains Konrad Mathesius, Daniel Geisseler, Makina Savidge, Mark Lundy, Taylor Nelsen, Neil Andersen (UC Davis/UCCE)

     11:15  Helping farms in the Central Coast get nitrogen scavenging credits for cereal cover crops Eric Brennan (USDA-ARS, Salinas) and Richard Smith (UCCE)

     11:25  DIY in-field plant tissue tests to determine N sufficiency in wheat Karla Estrada (UC Davis)

     11:30  Updates on small grain research and production in the Central Valley Mark Lundy (UC Davis/UCCE)

     11:45  Tour small grain variety trials

     11:55  Depart for complementary lunch

    12:10 - 1:10                          CCIA Sponsored LUNCH

     12:30  Welcome and Acknowledgements

               CCIA Directors Katy Soden and Timothy Blank

               California Wheat Commissioner Chairman Bill Cruickshank

     1:20    Depart for afternoon small grain breeding field day

By Daniel H. Putnam
Author - Cooperative Extension Specialist, Agronomist in the AES