Yolo County Nitrogen Management Webtool Seminars for CCAs, Growers, and Crop Consultants

Oct 5, 2023

Join us next week for a workshop that will cover some basic wheat fertilization strategies and focus on how to use the Nitrogen Fertilizer Management for California Wheat Webtool.


Yolo County: Wednesday, October 11th 2023, 9 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

70 Cottonwood Street, Woodland, CA

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Given the high cost of Nitrogen (N) fertilizer and a tendency to apply the majority of N prior to planting, growers stand to potentially leave a lot of money on the table by failing to optimize their N-management in small grain systems. For example, early, heavy rains last year flushed a lot of nitrate out of the soil profile before wheat could take it up during the rapid growth phase. In-season applications provide an opportunity to take account of the water year, and the crop status before deciding on a season-long N fertilizer budget.


The Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Webtool for California Wheat offers in-season insight on whether and how much N to apply given the seasonal conditions. While the use of the webtool is pretty straightforward, we have found that it is helpful to offer workshops to help CCAs and growers become more familiar with its use. These two-hour trainings offer an introduction to principles of N-management in wheat and use/ interpretation of the webtool.


Agenda Below:



Small Grains Nitrogen Management Webtool Training

Wednesday, October 11th 2023, 9 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

70 Cottonwood Street, Woodland, CA

Please RSVP using QR code or click here


Presented by:

Konrad Mathesius, UCCE Agronomy Advisor, Yolo, Sacramento, and Solano


Who should attend: CCAs and other crop consultants specializing in crop nutrient management.

Growers, Ag Industry, and the general public are also welcome


8:40 a.m.               Registration, light refreshments


9:00 a.m.               Welcome and Introduction


9:10 a.m.               Principles of N fertilizer use in California small grains


9:40 a.m.               Measuring field data pre-plant and in-season

N-rich reference zones

Soil sampling for nitrate


10:00 a.m.             Soil nitrate quick test demonstration and data interpretation


10:15 a.m.             Webtool example and case studies


10:25 a.m.             Webtool walkthrough


10:45 a.m.             Crop Consultant/ CCA forum, survey, feedback, troubleshooting, and discussion


11:00 a.m.             Adjourn and Lunch, Please RSVP using the link or QR code above.


CE Credits

CCA: 2 (pending)

INMP/Cures: 2 (pending)

By Konrad Mathesius
Author - Farm Advisor

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