Let's celebrate our Special Edition Golden Clover Award Winners!

Jul 21, 2023

Let's celebrate our Special Edition Golden Clover Award Winners!

Jul 21, 2023

4-H Golden Clover Award recognizes outstanding achievements of individuals & groups in the 4-H program.

The 2023 University of California 4-H Golden Clover Awards recognize outstanding achievements of members, volunteers, program staff, and groups within the UC 4-H Youth Development Program. This 4-H year, we offered Special Edition Golden Clover Awards in two categories, Robert Brownlee Science and Jack and Robert Clay Outdoor Adventure. We had four winners, two in each category, that demonstrated excellence in their corresponding category.

These youth and adult leaders were announced during the Closing Ceremonies at the 4-H State Leadership Conference. Here are your Special Edition awardees!

Robert Brownlee Science Golden Clover Award

The Robert Brownlee Science Award recognizes science inquiry and experiential learning in 4-H work to help youth increase knowledge, skills and competencies and improve their attitudes about science. This includes increasing science awareness and use in 4-H projects by testing predictions and making sense of observations. The Robert Brownlee Science Award is sponsored by the Robert Brownlee Foundation. In honor of the visionary, Robert Brownlee (1942-1991), the Foundation was established in 1987 to provide financial awards for creating and maintaining innovative programs for youth.

Hannah Perry, Sonoma County

Hannah Science - Golden Clover blog photo

Hannah Perry earned this award for her research and work writing a paper on the importance of beeswax and its uses by both bees and humans. Her outstanding essay titled, “The Importance of Beeswax”, demonstrates her knowledge of bees and how they rely on beeswax for the success or failure of their colony. Hannah explains in her essay that humans have been utilizing beeswax for thousands of years. From embalming in ancient Egypt to letter seals in Rome to perfecting beauty products in the USA, beeswax and humans have a long history together. Hannah's essay brought light to the cleverness of bees as well, pointing out that bees build their hexagonal combs close together to ensure they have enough room for food and to raise their young. Hannah went above and beyond with writing this essay. We will be sharing her full essay on this blog soon.

Liza Stefani, Placer County

Liza Science

Liza Stefani earned this award for her leadership of her club's Swine project for eight years. In addition to instilling a passion for swine, Liza helped her members have a close-up experience with raising swine. Her goal for each project was to teach the “why” behind the swine and the broader livestock industry. Furthermore, Liza advocated for more opportunities for youth in her community to experience the “behind the scenes” of the swine industry. Liza went above and beyond the basic swine school lesson for her youth, giving them a taste of what it is really like to pursue a career in swine. Through this, Liza inspires youth to find their own spark and use it to give back to their community.

Jack and Robert Clay Outdoor Adventure Golden Clover Award

The Jack and Robert Clay Outdoor Adventure Award recognizes outstanding achievement, leadership, and promotion of 4-H camping and outdoor adventures such as camping, fishing, hiking, climbing, GIS/GPS, among others. The Jack and Robert Clay Outdoor Adventure Award is sponsored by the Friends of Jack and Robert Clay. Following a tragic accident in 1987, this Memorial Award was established by the family and friends of Jack Clay and his son, Robert, who were enthusiastically involved in the 4-H camping and outdoor adventure projects as leader and junior leader in Alameda County.

Duarte Goncalves, Madera County

Duarte outdoor - 2023 Golden Clover blog

Duarte Goncalves earned this award for his longtime commitment to his county as a chaperone, project leader, and camp adult staffer. With a passion for 4-H Shooting Sports, Duarte became certified in rifle, shotgun, and archery to start his club's 4-H Shooting Sports project. This provided opportunities for youth to experience Shooting Sports and learn about gun safety and marksmanship. In addition, Duarte has been a great presence and influence at his county's summer camp. From hauling materials to camp, to leading Shooting Sports activities, to making campfire and dances safe and fun, Duarte's bright attitude ensures that each camper makes the best memories every year. In every area of his participation, Duarte goes out of his way to ensure members have a positive and beneficial 4-H experience.

Diane McLoughlin, Placer County

Diane outdoor - 2023 Golden Clover blog photo

Diane McLoughlin earned this award for her efforts and outstanding leadership in addressing and raising awareness in 4-H Shooting Sports and outdoor adventure. Her time as the Penngrove 4-H Club Project Leader for the Shooting Sports – Archery, Outdoor Adventure, and Gardening projects has fostered a collaborative culture for her members and inspired them to embrace knowledge, passion, and advocacy in each project area. Whether she was demonstrating Archery techniques at 4-H events, transporting youth to 4-H competitions, or leading youth through outdoor adventures, Diane consistently motivates youth and guides them as they achieve their goals. With her many accomplishments and involvement in 4-H activities, she embodies the mission of 4-H, engaging youth to reach their fullest potential.


CONGRATULATIONS again to all of our 2023 winners! We celebrate each of you for all you do to help young people reach their full potential and thrive.

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Applications Open until September 11, 2023

Golden Clover Awards are open to 4-H members, volunteers, groups and staff. Be sure to apply for a Golden Clover Award before September 11th, 2023. There are many types of Golden Clovers you can earn. Learn more about the different awards on our Golden Clover Awards page.