4-H Diamond Clover Award 2023 Winners!

Jul 31, 2023

4-H Diamond Clover Award 2023 Winners!

Jul 31, 2023


Let's give the 2023 California 4-H Diamond Clover awardees a round of virtual applause! 

We are so proud of this year's Diamond Clover awardees. They've been developing their 4-H career for years to earn this award. We congratulate them for their commitment to and passion for the 4-H program. Each of the six awardees have dedicated over seven years of service and leadership to 4-H. Some have spent more than ten years, striving since Day One to be the change in their community. We hope that you continue to make the best better throughout your life. 

Now for our awardees:

Sanjana-DC photo -blog

Sanjana Badami, Alameda County

As a senior from Alameda County 4-H, Sanjana Badami has spent her seven years in 4-H wisely. Serving as her club's President, working on Youth Summit and SLC Planning teams, and representing her county as a County Ambassador are just a few ways she has been of service to the 4-H program. Her contributions to 4-H also include civic engagement, spending her time to serve her community through coat drives and food bank donations. Sanjana also leads her club's Service-Learning Project. As a Teen Leader, she helps project members fundraise and put together projects like hygiene kits for homeless shelters, sock drives for kids, and more. Sanjana has demonstrated her commitment and care for the 4-H program and has grown, thanks to her time in 4-H. As she says herself, “I'm learning to be strong when faced with adversity and become a leader that is ready to face the challenges of the world”. We celebrate Sanjana and are proud to see what inspiring things she does next.

Michaela-Diamond clover -blog

Michaela Beckman, Orange County

As one of your 2022-2023 4-H State Ambassadors, Michaela Beckman strives to demonstrate key 4-H values. Her time in 4-H has made her a passionate believer in the power of youth and inspiring others with actions. As an active member in her club and county, Michaela spends her time working to leave a positive impact through holiday-time service projects, environmental projects, and youth mentorship projects. Furthermore, her work with the Second Harvest Food Bank helps provide fresh, healthy produce for those in need. Her belief in the childhood mantra, “Sharing is Caring” guides her every action, inspiring her to show the importance of caring more for others than our own self. This philosophy has helped her get far in the 4-H program and will help her as she moves through her final year in 4-H. We celebrate Michaela and cannot wait to see how she helps makes the world a more united, caring place. 

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Ben Cederlof, Madera County

As one of your 2022-2023 4-H State Ambassadors, Ben Cederlof uses the six “C's” to cultivate his leaderships skills and involvement in 4-H. From starting a multi-county initiative that promotes leaderships opportunities in 4-H – to serving in several club leadership roles – to representing California 4-H at the National 4-H Conference – Ben's experiences have taught him how to use his skills to find solutions for problems in his community. Using the competence and confidence from his leadership and public speaking experiences, Ben has been able to connect with people across the nation. He has developed an awareness of the words and actions he uses which has led to the development of his character. Last, but not least, Ben has created opportunities to show care and support to 4-H'ers throughout the state. Throughout his nine years in 4-H, his contribution to the 4-H program has grown and made a difference in the lives of those around him. We celebrate Ben and look forward to how he continues to practice the six “C's” to accomplish his goals. 

Serafina Martinez, Orange County

Serafina-Diamond clover -blog
From 4-H member to 4-H alumna, Serafina Martinez is a great example of how 4-H brings youth out of their comfort zone. Though Serafina joined 4-H as a very shy tween, she graduated from 4-H as a bold, bright adult ready to carry her skills to college and beyond. For over a decade, Serafina developed countless skills, led several club projects, and started ripples of change in her community as a club, county, and state leader through 4-H. In her club, Serafina showed competence and care as Club President. In her county, she demonstrated confidence and communication at county events, inspiring her peers. As a 2021-2022 State Ambassador, Serafina connected with youth nationwide and implemented statewide programs that encouraged youth to start living their 4-H legacy. Serafina has shown how 4-H experiences and connections can add meaning and passion to a life. We celebrate Serafina and excitedly anticipate her efforts to inspire youth to push through anxiety and other barriers to cultivate their impact.   

Missy-Diamond clover -blog

Missy Pendleton, Sonoma County

4-H has instilled a passion for community service in all of its participants, but few are as active as Missy Pendleton. In addition to partnering with local service agencies like Salvation Army and Oakland Children's Hospital, Missy collected numerous donations for homeless shelters, senior homes, and military drives. Furthermore, she has been recognized by various organizations through awards like the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, the San Francisco 49ers' Community Quarterback award, and the Soroptimist Divisional level award. These awards acknowledge her drive for civic engagement and leadership from her early years of 4-H to now as an adult volunteer. Missy has served in leadership roles like County "All-Star" Ambassador and Executive Club Officer, cultivating her teamwork and communication skills. Missy spends her time now giving back to the 4-H program, advising her County Ambassadors as the All-Star Advisor. Young Alumni, like Missy, who see the value in the 4-H program are now using their California 4-H Grown skills to shape the leaders of tomorrow. 

Collin-Diamond clover -blog

Collin Robinson-Burmester, Yolo County

Collin Robinson-Burmester's 4-H journey started in 2009. Since then, he has completed over 50 projects, contributed to countless service opportunities, led various county events and more as a passionate 4-H'er. As a Yolo County Ambassador, Collin demonstrated to his peers how much 4-H can add to a life. He developed his connection and communication by collaborating and building positive relationships with both youth and adults. Collin's civic engagement has included using his spark for metal working to support his community. In partnership with a local non-profit, Bike Garage, he repaired bikes and taught the basics of bike maintenance to his community. Collin has also worked in countywide and multi-county events like the Youth Summits, through which he taught youth to respect others and their contributions. He credits his strength of character, confidence, and competence to the 4-H program. We celebrate Collin for his commitment to the 4-H program and can't wait to see how he grows as a successful adult that makes a positive difference in his club, community, country, and world.


CONGRATULATIONS, again to our HIGHEST ACHIEVING YOUTH of 2023. You truly are the best of the best!

If you are interested in applying for the Diamond Clover Awards, you can find more info on our Diamond Clover Awards page. Though you can apply as early as 17-years-old, you need to start working on the qualifications a few years before applying. Applications are open year-round and evaluated each June.