Cooperative Extension, Sutter-Yuba Counties
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Cooperative Extension, Sutter-Yuba Counties

Sutter-Yuba 4-H Forms

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Issue Articles Type Date Added
4-H Cell Phone Policy (51KB)


PDF 5/11/17
Child Release Form (18KB)

*2017 Camp

PDF 5/9/17
2017 Spring Fair Rules (374KB)


PDF 5/1/17
Child Release Form (18KB)


PDF 8/23/16
Youth Medical Form (99KB)


PDF 8/22/16
4-H Presentation Manual 2015 (641KB)

Revised 01/20/2016

PDF 8/15/16
2015-2016 Secretary's Book (523KB) PDF 8/15/16
Record Book Forms (2015-2016) (494KB)

*New Forms 2015-2016

Always check the State 4-H Website for the MOST
current Record Book Forms:
PDF 1/26/16
Record Book Manual (2015-2016) Parent's Edition (1,804KB)

*New 2015-2016

PDF 1/26/16
Record Book Manual (2015-2016) Jr-Sr Edition (1,004KB)

*New Manual (2015-2016)

Always check the State 4-H website for more current forms
PDF 1/26/16
Treasurer's Manual (3,127KB)

NEW 2014

PDF 7/7/15
Growing Volunteers Forms (114KB)

*New 2015

PDF 6/30/15
4-H Fundraiser Notification (81KB) PDF 3/4/14
Project Across Club, County, or State Lines Request & Agreement Form (372KB)

New *2/2014

PDF 8/29/14
Treasurer Forms

New *2014 

(Excel document)

XLS 8/29/14
Trip Notification Form (171KB)

2012 *NEW*

PDF 12/11/12
5 Presentation Requirements (69KB) PDF 4/26/12
Incident Report PDF 5/27/10
4-H Complaint Form PDF 3/21/09
4-H Camp Map (294KB) PDF 8/6/12
Deposit Form PDF 5/11/10
Check Request/Reimbursement Form PDF 1/8/09
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