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4-H Embryology - Chick Hatching

"Watch a chick hatch!"

Grades 4-8

4-H Check Hatching is a complete educational kit that teachers can use to teach students about the beginnings of life. This 21 day project comes with one incubator with turners, candler, brooder, check food, water, feeder, educational booklets, readers, and videos.

A kit can reserved by complete the following survey: https://forms.gle/oGVmLr6G9SWYV9hY6.

We will deliver and pick up all equipment and supplies to & from your site. 

If you cannot find your own fertilized eggs, we can provide eggs. The incubators can hold chicken, duck, and geese eggs. 

Embryology can be an early fall or spring project.

To reserve your 4-H classroom project or for further information contact Rene McCrory at (530) 822-7515 or email rjmccrory@ucanr.edu