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4-H Embryology - Chick Hatching

"Watch a chick hatch!"

Grades 4-8

4-H Check Hatching is a complete educational kit that teachers can use to teach students about the beginnings of life. This is a 21 day project. The kit comes with an incubator with turners, candler, brooder, chick food, waterer, feeder, educational curriculum, and videos.

A kit can reserved by complete the following survey: https://forms.gle/L67WrbA6VBLsQEnQ7

We will deliver and pick up all equipment and supplies to & from your site. 

If you cannot find your own fertilized eggs, we can provide eggs. The incubators can hold chicken, duck, quail, and geese eggs. 

We recommend Embryology as a spring project.

To reserve your 4-H classroom project or for further information contact Rene McCrory at (530) 822-7515 or email rjmccrory@ucanr.edu